Tuesday 1 November 2016


Dayananda Sagar college of Engineering and Department of Mathematics are organizing a Maths Fest Matrix 2k16 for First Year Engineering Students. The first of its kind, this unique 2 days fest will have some exciting events to participate in and some amazing prizes to compete for. Events such as Trick-o-Seminar, Mathlete, Pictionary, Brainstorm and Merge are going to be organised exclusively for students of 1st year, so more fun is awaiting for the fresh batch of engineering students.

We also have a Talk with Dr. Ajit S. Bopardikar, Samsung R&D Institute, Bengaluru on 5th of November followed by the cultural activities and prize distribution.

Date : 4th and 5th November, 2016
Venue :  Dr. CD Sagar Auditorium

Brief description of the events are as:
  1. Trick-O-Seminar : This unique event gives you a platform to give out your unique ideas or tricks related to mathematics. To explain these tricks, you can use any kind of teaching aid (Charts, PPTs, White Boards etc). It is an individual as well as a team event (Maximum 2 in a team). Note: If you want to participate individually, please write your own name in Teammate 1 field.
  2. Pictionary : This event is about depicting words related to mathematics in the form of pictures. Per team consists of 2 members. No word can be directly indicated in the pictures. Words may be split up into as many parts as desired.
  3. Brainstorm : This event will test your knowledge about mathematics. We have multiple rounds like pen and paper, one to one quiz etc. Each team will have 2 members for the game.
  4. Merge : It is an event in which you have to design collage on the basis of topic 'Indian Mathematicians and their contribution to the field of Mathematics'. You can come prepared from your home and showcase your creation. It will be conducted on Saturday in the Department of Mathematics.
  5. Mathelete : It is just like treasure hunt but with a twist. All the clues in this hunt are based on Mathematics. A team should consist of 4 members and it will be conducted in multiple rounds.

For any queries, contact us on matrix@dsce.in

Note: Registrations for all the events have been closed.


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