Thursday 16 March 2017

Origami - Unfolding the Folds

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Origami - Unfolding the Folds

The Department of Mathematics is conducting a workshop on “Origami – Unfolding the Folds” on 20th March,2017 in CD Sagar auditorium between 2pm-4.30pm.

                Most people who know Origami think of it as the art of paper folding. Though it began centuries ago, Origami became better known to the world in the 20th century when it evolved in to a modern art form. In 21st century, Origami has caught the attention of engineers who are using it to create all sorts of new structures – from collapsible packaging to airbags. Origami has even found its way in to space.

The Objective of the Workshop is to equip the students with basic principles of folds in an Origami with hands on session of making Geometric models.

The Student can also portray Origami Models for which they will be rewarded “Best Origami model”  under the Category. Good models can be considered for AAT 2.
  • Engineering Model
  • Geometric Model

All the students are cordially invited to attend the workshop on “Origami – Unfolding the Folds”
Students who have registered will be given attendance for the duration of the workshop. Only first 150 entries will be entertained.

You can register for the workshop below.

  • Last date of Registration: 19/3/2017


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