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Saturday 29 April 2017

TEDxDSCE - Envisioning Elegance Exceeding Expectations


TEDxDSCE is an independently organized TED event organised under license from TED. It is a one-day conference which will give you a chance to witness and listen to people from various backgrounds with complete experience where each speaker will share his thoughts and views.

At TEDxDSCE, we will be featuring speakers sharing unique ideas, sparking deep discussion and self-analysis among the group that attends, those who are watching it live across the world and the recorded talks after the event is over. Talks will be on visualising our future in a graceful and attractive way which would help everyone to envision their future, go beyond their expectations and get a taste of what life would be like.

Envisioning Elegance Exceeding Expectations

All of us have dreams or goals that we wish to achieve in future. But we might not be clear about it or if we are certain about the goal, we are not sure how we can ho about it. Envisioning Elegance could simple mean that you visualize your future and its goal. It gives us an idea about how our life and the lives revolving around us would be if we were to achieve the imagined future and this alone would be sufficient reason to achieve what we have dreamed.

Exceeding Expectations is the efforts you direct towards fulfilling dreams. To stand different is to think different and to perform beyond expectations. A right decision can always change the world around you. Having clarity about what you want in life and performing exceedingly well to achieve is what helps you in settling milestones in life.

For details, visit or contact on .
Limited tickets available. Visit to buy tickets.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

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